How Can I Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days

By: Dennys Passeto, CPT, CFI

As a Personal Trainer with 15 years of experience, one of the questions I am often asked is:

How Can I Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days?

It is usually because of an upcoming class reunion, a wedding, a party, a trip to the beach, a dare from a friend, etc.… The list goes on and on. But whatever reason, it can be done in healthy and not so healthy ways.

Redirecting and increasing a few of the healthy behaviors already in place in addition to a few other considerations can help drop the weight and inches for that upcoming special occasion, to fit into a certain outfit, or to just simply to feel better about yourself.

These recommendations to lose ten pounds in ten days should be used in combination with good common sense. Here are my top 10 recommendations for losing 10 pounds in 10 days(the healthy way):

10) Don’t skip a meal. In particular eat a healthy breakfast. Your body monitors energy balance. Sugar is the primary source of energy in the body. Through the Krebs’s cycle and a process called oxidative phosphorylation cells turn sugar molecules into units of energy like adenotriphosphate (ATP).

The brain “reads” energy needs based on a variety of signals. It adjusts appetite, fat storage and metabolic rate in response to the signals it receives. When subjected to prolonged fasting, as when you skip breakfast, the brain thinks it needs to prepare for famine. It will store more of the next meals sugar in fat stores, in case it is needed for another long period without food.

Likewise, the brain views a few large meals with an opportunity to store. It is better to consume several smaller meals at regular time intervals.

9) Increase water intake. In order to lose weight, fat storage must be metabolized. One sign that this is happening is when he body starts making ketones.

When sugar is used to make energy it is a clean process. ATP is released and all the byproducts of the various reactions are reused in another reaction. When fat is used to make ATP a byproduct called a ketone body is generated that must be excreted in urine. Too many ketones in the blood can change the acidity (pH) of the blood and cause health problems.

Increasing your fluid intake helps dilute and rid the body of ketosis. In addition, the physical space in the stomach that the fluids occupy will help reset the satiety center and decrease appetite.

8) Increase no-calorie fiber intake. The daily recommended fiber intake for adults is 20-35 grams. Most Americans usually get half of that. No or low calorie fiber foods play a significant role in weight loss. They aid the digestive process so that more nutrition is absorbed and they increase elimination of unnecessary material. Consider that the more you pass out, the less there is to weigh in on.

In addition, the physical space in the digestive tract fiber occupies resets the satiety center and decreases appetite.

A food is considered high fiber if a portion contains 5 grams of fiber or more. Some of the highest fiber foods include the fruits raspberries, pears and apples. Leading vegetables are cooked peas and turnip. Sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds are high fiber. Grains supply a great source of fiber. Whole wheat spaghetti and oatmeal are excellent choices.

7) Decrease calorie intake by 25%. If you know your usual daily caloric intake, for the ten days decrease it by 25%. If you are not a “counter” simply decrease your meal portions or take your usual portions and leave a quarter uneaten.

6) Stop all bread, beer and salt. Aside from the unnecessary calories from carbohydrates in bread and beer (all alcohol really), added salt to food and in beer retains water to keep electrolyte balance. Water weight contributes significantly to total body weight.

5) Increase your workout time or add an activity. If you are already a gym rat, increase your scheduled time by 25% during the ten days. Add one extra set of reps on each round, or simply spend extra time on the treadmill before and after the regular routine.

If you’re not at the gym every day, add a daily activity for the ten days. Walk each evening for an hour before bed, or in the morning after breakfast. Commit to a swim every day during this time. Go to a spinning, aerobics or Pilates class for two weeks, you may enjoy it enough that you will continue after you lose ten pounds in ten days.

4) Active visualization. Spend time each day actively thinking about you being thinner, skinnier and in great shape. The mind-body connection is phenomenal and yet poorly understood. It has been scientifically shown, however; that you become what you think you are. Believe and see yourself as ten pounds thinner, and you will become ten pounds thinner.

3) Find a Friend. Any weight loss program is easier and has a better chance of success when there is peer support. It can be done alone, but the encouragement and comradery of others has a synergistic effect in outcomes. There is strength in numbers.

2) Drink Green Tea. Green tea has been shown to have several beneficial effects. It has been used in Oriental cultures for centuries to maintain health.

There are naturally occurring xanthine compounds in green tea that increase metabolic rate. In addition, it creates an increase in body heat. This increased “thermic” condition requires energy to produce. Increased metabolism and increased thermia require energy; therefore more energy sources (sugar and fat) are required.

Also, green tea contains powerful antioxidants. As weight loss occurs, metabolic break down molecules are increased. Antioxidants help mobilize and remove these potentially harmful end products of weight loss.

1) Cleanse Your Body. This is one of the quickest way to rid your body of unnecessary “gunk” stored in the small and large intestines. Cases of 10 – 15 pounds of unprocessed foods lining the walls of your intestines are very common. This can lead to increased weight gain, frequent illness, fatigue, cancer and pain.

You are also robbing yourself of the full nutrition available in the foods you eat because your body simply can not absorb the nutrients through the clogged intestinal walls. One colon cleanse I have personally used and had amazing results with is this one from Ultimate Digestive Health.

So whatever motives you have to achieve your weight loss goals, it is important to accomplish it in healthy ways. Avoid any products, diets, or medications that offer rapid weight loss without exercise and diet. There are no healthy quick fixes. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

A ten-pound weight loss in ten days is very doable, and is doable in a healthy way. If you have questions or concerns talk to your health care provider or personal trainer, they are professionally trained to help in your weight loss goals.

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